Treatment Protocols
Treatment Protocols
  • FaceFit Recipe Cards

    Use these step-by-step cards to support you when performing your FaceFit treatments.

  • Face Mapping 2.0 Training Manual

    Welcome to Dermalogica's unique approach to skin analysis, designed to help you connect with your clients and truly understand their skin.

  • ProSkin30 & ProSkin60 Training Manual

    Dermalogica's ProSkin treatments allow you to design a fully personalised experience – a bespoke treatment built around your clients' unique lifestyles, schedules and skin concerns.

  • ProSkin Treatment Module Cards

    As a professional skin therapist, it is up to you to create and build the perfect ProSkin treatment for your client. To help you, we’ve developed modules that serve as your “building blocks” for each treatment

  • Dermalogica Treatments With bt-sonic

    Incorporate Dermalogica products with your bt-sonic by following this step-by-step guide.

  • Ultrasound

    Dermalogica step-by-step product options and different ways of using Ultrasonic in your professional treatments. 

  • Light and Heat Based Therapies

    Dermalogica treatments using LED, IPL, Non-ablative Lasers, Radio Frequency, and Thermage.

  • Microcurrent

    Use for muscle re-education or specific iontophoresis to aid product penetration during a Dermalogica Skin Treatment.

  • Oxygen Therapy

    Incorporating Oxygen alongside Dermalogica Professional-Use-Only products for intense results.

  • Postcare

    Prescribing post-procedure home care recommendations for your clients.

  • Resurfacing

    Treatments to prep skin prior to medical-based procedures.

  • Skin Needling
    Types, effects and precautions critical to performing this procedure.
  • BT-Micro Technology
    Product recommendations for cleansing and exfoliating with this modality.
  • Oncology

    Adapting Dermalogica product choices and treatment techniques for an oncology client.

  • Ultrasound with the BT Micro

    Treatment tips and guides when using the BT Micro machine during your Dermalogica Skin Treatment. 

  • Microcurrent with a BT-Nano Machine

    Combining Dermalogica products with the BT-Nano Machine. 

  • Microdermabrasion

    Combining Dermalogica with Microdermabrasion to develop a safe and effective treatment. 

  • Microcurrent With BT Ultimate Gold

    Incorporating Dermalogica and Microcurrent along side the BT Ultimate Gold.